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About Us

At Wheelhouse Home & Design, we believe that beautiful spaces can bring people together, inspire conversation, and create meaningful moments.  Through our home decor collection, workshop program, and design services, we inspire clients to find beauty in their homes.

Wheelhouse Home & Design is the brainchild of Gretchen Earnshaw, an interior designer and entrepreneur who traded in her corporate badge for a paintbrush.  She founded Wheelhouse because she recognized a need for interior designers who work with mid-range budgets and has turned her passion into purpose.  When she's not chalk painting furniture or consulting on design projects, Gretchen can be found watching Jeopardy! with her husband (she always bets it all on the Daily Double) or kayaking on the lake with her three kids and Goldendoodle puppy.

You can get in touch with Gretchen here:


Annie Earnshaw is the gal behind the Wheelhouse 'gram.  She's a college junior who studies Creative Writing and Dance by day, and moonlights as Alliteration Lettering (check out her greeting cards and signs!).  Annie does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work at Wheelhouse: emailing vendors, taking product photography, writing workshop materials, and more.  Annie's coffee order is a chai latte and she never leaves the house without a book!

You can get in touch with Annie here: